Thursday, August 28, 2008

just a quick note..

The new full length Rusted Eyes Awake is dropping on you October 28th. A west coast tour will follow in November!!!

Coming soon Split 7" with The Funeral Pyre (Prosthetic Record) and Landmine Marathon due out on Forest Moon Products.. The Funeral Pyre will be doing 1 new song and Landmine Marathon will have 2 new songs. This will be a limited release on vinyl only!!! STOKED!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What A Summer.

So, the sweltering Arizona Summer is finally coming to an end. It's been a rough one for me personally. The Album stressed me out a bit. My TV blew up. My refrigerator died. Found out I need glasses. I fried the Bogner. The economy has slowed business down some and even though George Bush's IRS sent me a notice saying I would get this economic "remember me as a good President" stimulus check, I finally found out I wasn't getting one etc. etc. Outdoor photo shoots in 120 degree heat staring into the sun as well as playing shows in un-air conditioned venues never helps either. But, Landmine is the thing that keeps me going in life. A new tour is looming and the album will be out in bout two months. These things make me smile after a bad day at work. I also married the girl I love this summer and that rocks as well.
We played a cool show with Dead Child last week, and despite the fact that not many showed up/stayed for us we still tried to make the best of it and have an awesome time. We actually performed really well despite the sweltering heat and the venue being a total echo chamber. We got some interesting news that we may announce eventually too that has got us all excited, but we'll see how things roll! So, keep your eyes on the Landmine camp for the new record and plenty of new news. Looking forward to the Graf Orlock show September 7th as well and bummed I'll be missing the Testament, Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, and Motorhead show next week as well as Radiohead in LA due to going to my Brother In Laws wedding next week. It will be a nice break from Phoenix, though, and Mike and I are gonna go see Carcass in L.A. next month!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hey all!

with the new record coming October 28th we are working on a WEST COAST tour sometime this fall... In an attempt to get the logistics down, we are asking for your help:
booking agents
people with living rooms we can sleep in

please get in touch so we can weigh our options and plan our routing.

East Coast... working on 2009, unfortunately transportation costs are insane... the original plan was to hook up with an awesome east coast band, fly out there, rent a minivan and share gear. We are still trying to make this happen and miss the east coast dearly.

Mexico... we would love to make it out to do some select one-offs... again working on it!

you all rule...

don't forget to check out the new song Bile Towers... add it to your page and spread the word.


Friday, August 1, 2008

We just played an amazing show this week with Misery Index and Origin... All of the bands were excellent, but Misery Index just killed it... the crowd was awesome too...

Our next show is in a couple of weeks and we are super stoked on this one...

Dead Child simply rule the whole NWOBHM throwback thing, and great people as well..