Monday, January 10, 2011

old years turn to new years

photo by Justina Villanueva

2010 was a great year for Landmine Marathon. We spent more of the year on the road than we ever have in the past. We made many new friends and also had the opportunity to hang with many old yet familiar faces. 2010 also marked the addition of our new drummer Andy York, to say the least the new blood is invigorating and inspiring. That being said, it is safe to say that we will be laying low for the first part of 2011 to focus on writing the follow up to our last album Sovereign Descent (if you haven’t already picked up a copy, we highly suggest you do so!). So far being only a few songs into the writing, I can honestly say that our excitement level for the new album is very high! Updates and official announcements will be coming a bit later.

Many thanks go out to all of our friends and fans who have helped and supported us. The list is endless, but we wanted to give some highlights of said list:

Ron Martinez, Ami Lawless, Bob Deep Six, Val, Rich Hall, Curran Reynolds, Adam Shore, Brian Lew, Fred Pessaro, Skeletonwitch, Jarrett, Dane, Withered, Salome, Deadsea, Early Graves, The Funeral Pyre, Dan Dismal, Brian Taylor, all of the venues that we played and bands that we played with, everyone who booked a show, everyone who fed us or let us sleep on their floor, everyone who came to a show, hung out and got wild with us...

Ryan and Andy in the rehearsal studio!