Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here are some videos and some random photos from the last few months in the studio. We started tracking drums in late June and just finished the last vocal tracks about a week ago. We are all very stoked on the outcome so far... now comes the tedious task of mixing. We are shooting for an early Spring 2010 release. Release date, album title and some amazing news on the artwork for the record will be unveiled soon!

Landmine Marathon - tracking drums

Landmine Marathon- tracking bass

Landmine Marathon- rhythm guitar tracking

Landmine Marathon- tracking guitar solos

and the pics:

Mike setting up his drums!

John "Charn" Rice and Brian Burke helping dial in a killer drum sound!

Charn pleased with his work!

Mike about to slay!

... and slay he did...

slaying from the studio window!!!

Matt laying down the heavy!

Pedalboard of subharmonic death!

amp mic'd up for maximum brutality!

Text Wars!!!


Sorry for the lack of updates here... We wanted to "blog" more during the last tour, but it was more difficult than thought from an iphone (if anyone knows a good blogger app let us know). Nonetheless, tour was more than a blast and we miss Book of Black Earth everyday (go see them with Moonspell and Samael).

This was probably our last time on the road this year, but some good stuff is in the works...