Monday, September 1, 2008


As the release of Rusted Eyes Awake looms, I wanted to take a moment to talk and share some of the artwork process for the album. Our awesome and talented friend Ron Koupal came up with the concept and artwork for the cover... Ron is an artist at a local tattoo shop in AZ called IMMACULATE. We highly recommend him. He also designed our "dope smoking wizard" T-shirt.

Ron came to one of our rehersals where he tossed some ideas back and forth with us. We countered with some other ideas and concepts he was off to do his thing! A few weeks later we get an email of a rough sketch he put together before he went any further:
We were stoked, knowing this was just a rough sketch and the final would just RULE! I added some quick color, just to get an idea of where this was headed:
A few weeks later Ron calls me up and asks me to swing by the shop because he as some boards complete with the final artwork... We were BEYOND STOKED with the final results:

after scanning and digitizing the artwork, the layout process began... I added color to the artwork in multiple layers, blending to create good depth. Inspiration came from the Zorlac Skateboard designs I have always loved... The goal was to get that same screenprinted look... after the color was added Ron's hand lettering was applied. Here is some of the process:

so after over 100 hours of work on my behalf and Ron's the end result is something we are very proud of!


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