Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tour looms upon us! We're doing a west coast tour starting this Friday and I'm beyond stoked. As you may know, our new album "Rusted Eyes Awake" was released on Tuesday and is already selling well. Please pick one up as soon as you can. We had our CD release show last Friday at the Big Fish Pub, which has now been dubbed the Big Fish Flub. If you were there, you most likely witnessed that some over zealous security guards and the sound man decided to attack and remove anyone even remotely moving during our set. Needless to say, we weren't going to stand for it. We stopped the set and proceeded to fend off the security guards even though they brandished weapons. They soon realized they were very, very out numbered and let us remove our gear from their horribly ran venue. Most were unable to purchase the new album due to the premature ending of the show and we assure you that you can easily obtain it from us, Level Plane, Relapse, and record stores around the valley (and the world for that matter). You can also still order the exclusive t shirt through Relapse as well. So, tour starts this week, the new Jackson catalog is online featuring interviews with Matt and I (http://jacksonguitars.com/artists/index.php?id=328), we may do some SW dates at the beginning of January, and we should have more awesome news to announce for the New Year! Ryan/LM

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