Monday, April 5, 2010


Buy this cool poster by Casey and help out Ludicra at the same time.

***All profits from the sale of this poster will go toward the medical bills of Ludicra's guitarist, John Cobbett.***

This poster was for bay-area black metal maestros, Ludicra, and the Portland kickoff date of their 5 week spring tour. Unfortunately
disaster struck on the second night of the tour, when lead guitarist John Cobbett's appendix burst. They have had to cancel dates, and the fate of the tour is uncertain. John is recovering well, but he is now crippled with medical bills and the band is losing money due to the canceled tour dates. Which is where this humble designer comes in. The artist is donating all proceeds from this poster (after taking a small portion to cover printing and shipping costs) toward Cobbett's medical expenses.


and buy a copy of Ludicra's new album The Tenant... it rules!!!

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