Saturday, May 24, 2008

Burrito Time, oh and vocals!

Grace started recording vocals for Rusted Eyes Awake tonight while the rest of us heckled her. Everything seems to be coming together really well and we're all pretty excited about it. Grace went into banshee mode, heralded the doom of the world, and after a few hours, it was time to give her voice a rest and call it a night. Matt, Ryan and I capped it off with some badass veg burrito/quesadilla action at Amado's. I generally get beans, rice, guacamole, lettuce and potatoes. The potatoes are crucial. And the rice. (I eat a lot of carbs. My meal before that was a spaghetti calzone. Which is just spaghetti stuffed into a calzone. I think Matt called it dough stuffed with dough and salt.) I'm pretty sure I need to start getting it without guacamole, because my burritos always end up shitting green diarrhea on my plate, even when I try to keep them wrapped up. Which is probably going to be similar to what happens to me later. So, this new album is about burritos, right?


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