Friday, May 23, 2008

riff it up!

So, I finished tracking with the Engl yesterday. Quadrupled the tracks just in case we wanted to keep the sound with all four just the engl. The crunch I was getting with it was outstanding, but something just seemed to be missing. It was a little to lean and clean for our recordings. Then I set up with the Bogner Uberschall. About two minutes into recording with it, I knew this would once again be the winning combination. I sent an mp3 to the rest of the guys and they agreed. I should have just done that in the first place as we've done on all the other records instead of wasting 7 or eight hours on the extra tracks. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. Grace comes in tomorrow night to start vocals and will be doing them over the next few weeks. Matt's new Schroeder bass cabinet should be here tomorrow and we'll track Sunday August 1st as soon as he gets back from his work trip. It's all coming together!

Here's some video of me tracking the title track "Rusted Eyes Awake".



Anonymous said...

gol-dang, that's the dream rig... I have a krankenstein that wishes it was a bogner or engl.

Anonymous said...

PS: on the krank cab I recognize the 51 off axis and the royer but what is the other mic?


yes it is the dream rig!! we love it. the other mic is an Audix i5.