Sunday, June 15, 2008

bass nerd

okay, this is a couple weeks overdue as the bass tracks have been recorded quite a while ago. I am so happy with the tone and the overall vibe of the bass tracks. One of my favortie bass players is Bill Laswell, in my opinion he exemplifies all that is heavy, groovy and most of all not overdone, he plays where he needs to and locks in the low end... his work with John Zorn and Mick Harris in Painkiller is mindblowing, but also the first tape I can remember owning was a copy of the single for Herbie Hancock's ROCKIT on which Mr Laswell played bass on. So I think I was going for a Laswell meets Jo Bench thing. I love talking shop about gear, nothing gets me more stoked at a show when someone wants to nerd out with me about gear and tone.

okay more nerdyness:

on an unrelated side note; while on tour I was introduced to Jamaican food for the first time and I totally love it!! Found a new restaurant in downtown Phoenix and I am way stoked on it... only second to my favorite which is South Indian! Random I know.

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