Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mexican weddings

We played a show last week with Portland Oregon's best TRAGEDY, Japanese Punx Blowback and locals Think Fast and Day After Day at a cool mexican restuarant called Tio Leos (still not sure about the coolness of their food for my vegan stomach, but if it tells you anything they did run out of food and some beer brands by the end of the night). All of the bands were awesome and it was great to see old friends from Tragedy, I have known Todd and Paul for at least 13 years!!! It was also great to see one of landmine's former members, Eric. I hadnt seen him in almost two years and that was way too long... he is putting together a new band that will be sure to deliver some insane math-i-ness! The part of the restuarant where the bands played was in "real life" a reception hall for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations... apparently a few weeks earlier there was a mexican wedding there that ended with a good ol fashioned stabbing!!!

here is a pic of me that I really like... must have used the slimming photo filter


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