Thursday, June 19, 2008

technically speaking...

ok, so, the solo's are finally done and we have achieved rough mixage. The solo's were a nightmare for me. A few of them weren't written yet, and I just couldn't get a lot of my playing up to where I wanted it to be. But the rest of the band seems stoked on them. I tried several amps to get to where I wanted including blowing up my Bogner. I finally ended up using the Diezel. I used it for the solo's on the split with Scarecrow and wasn't toally happy with it, but it was the closest to happiness I came. I ran it through a mesa boogie 4x12 and as a front end all I ended up using was my wah pedal. I bypassed my eq boost pedal and noisegate and my MXR delay didn't get here on time, so I ended up using the echoboy plug in on a few tracks. I did split the signal into the line 6 with a bypassed tone in case I wanted to reamp it and I ended up using the Audix I5 into a Neve 1272 and the Royer R122 into an Avalon 737 with no EQ or compression both right on the cone. It was rough, but they're done! We go into master next friday and hopefully I can achieve a mix we're all stoked on by then! Ryan

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